GiftExpress Burger Hot Dog and Pizza Fast Food Cooking Play Set for Kids with Hamburger, Fries, Hot Dog, Pizza, Coke, Ketchup, and Tray


  • Model:B07TJM7CK7
GIFTEXPRESS Fast Food Pretend PlaySet
American favorite fast foods pretend play set included burgers, hot dog, pizza, fries, 3 drinks, ketchup and a tray.

Love play and Learn
Playing with GIFTEXPRESS Burger Fast Food is perfectly for imagnative play. This simple Hamburger, hot dog and pizza food play set is perfect for the little one to pretend play, share with all their friends and family! There are no plugs and instruction needed. It's simple and fun to play while learning from it. This product involve colors and shapes are a vital ingredient in a child's development and help to develop numerous skills such as motor skills, co-ordination, problem solving and visual identification. Its super fun and easy playful food set for all kids. Amazing interactive toys for kids with friends and families.

Suitable for children from age 3 and up.