"The Wishful Penny"
Chapter Book and Musical CD Set

Have you ever wished on a coin? Have you ever held a coin and wondered... where has it been before me? 

Young readers (ages 7 to 11) follow the history-packed journey of a 1943 "Penny" and her exotic coin friends!  The Wishful Penny’s adventures begin with her unique "birth" at a U.S. mint during World War II and include a wishing fountain, a trip to Ireland, a police fingerprint lab and a Need-A-Penny/Take-A-Penny cup!  After sixty years of travel, Penny is lost in a city park where she is shocked to learn that people no longer think she is worth picking up.  It takes a cupful of free pennies on an ice cream truck, a girl’s math homework, a magnet, an old mistake and a secret wish to reveal the surprising truth about Penny’s real worth.

As Penny’s journey unfolds, so does a unique coin wisdom that can easily apply to anyone. Penny learns that mistakes are good opportunities; there is immense value in being different; life will get better even when it seems hopeless; envisioning wishes can make them come true; and there is a magic treasure inside everyone, even if no one sees it yet.

"This is a delightful story - one that any child, coin collector or teacher will appreciate."
~ American Numismatic Association

4 1/2 out of 5 stars!  "Wonderful, delightful book for children...teaches about coins and the mint process and that sometimes mistakes happen."

"When teachers read "The Wishful Penny", they are astounded by it.  A teacher can take this book and go in four hundred different directions!"  
~"Best Practice" reading teacher, NJ

"Cents-ible book provides refreshing change for kids"  
~Danbury News-Times, CT

"Along with offering factual information, Penny's story is an adventure, full of excitement and history...teaches children how valuable pennies are, and takes young readers on a journey of history, discovery and excitement...includes history and English lessons, science and mathematical challenges and plenty of problem-solving opportunities.  It's also a story about growing up, feeling a sense of pride and learning about one's identity and history."   
~The New Milford Times, CT

"Wise words of advice and support for youngsters--and adults, too--come regularly in Young's tale of Penny's growth... The final lesson of Young's fetching tale is that everyone has the 'power of greatness inside of them', even if it takes time for this to be known.  In 'The Wishful Penny', Young imaginatively treats the important childhood lesson that everyone is special and valuable in some way." 
~Small Press Book Review 

"It's a story of hope and friendship, redemption and adventure.  It's a story that teaches children about empathy and what it's like to walk around in the shoes of another." 
 ~Cornwall Local, NY

"I have a little neighborhood friend that I read with and to. I know he is going to love this book!" 
~Mrs. Barbara Bush, former first lady 

The full-length musical, Jenny's Penny, by January Akselrad, based on The Wishful Penny is packaged inside the back cover on CD. These stories go together! Now children can keep them together! Jenny's Penny at See The Wish OnStage for pictures, videos and song clips of the award-winning musical!

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