The Wishful Penny


Full-Length Musical with 5 songs!
by January M. Akselrad and Jennifer Young
(Based on the book, “The Wishful Penny-Adventures of a One-Cent Coin”, by J.J. Young)

Target Grades: 3rd - 5th
Genre: Reading, Literature, American History (Lincoln, U.S. Mint, WWII), Coins, Character Education
(Visualization, Coping Skills), Coin Collecting
Cast: 21 – 43 (Suggested part-doubling is included.)
Time: 50-60 minutes


Music: 5 Songs (CD or MP3, Performance Tracks, lyrics and lead sheets included

Read the first 10 pages!


     The Wishful Penny’s adventures begin with her unique "birth" at a U.S. mint during World War II, and include a wishing fountain, coin friends from around the world, a police fingerprint lab, and a Need-A-Penny/Take-A-Penny cup!  After sixty years of travel, Penny is lost in a city park where she is shocked to learn that people no longer think she is worth picking up.  It takes a cupful of free pennies on an ice cream truck, a girl’s math homework, a magnet, an old mistake, and a secret wish to reveal the surprising truth about Penny’s real worth.

     As Penny’s journey unfolds, so does a unique coin wisdom that can easily apply to anyone. Penny learns that mistakes are good opportunities; there is immense value in being different; life will get better even when it seems hopeless; envisioning wishes can make them come true; and there is a magic treasure inside everyone, even if no one sees it yet.


Working At The Mint

See The Wish

For Every Bad Time

Need A Penny

Shiny And New



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