The Two Voyages of The Mayflower


Parallel Pilgrim Plays 1620 and 2120
by January M. Akselrad

Target Grades: 1st and 2nd
Genre: Reading, American History (Pilgrims)
Cast: 20 or 40
Time: 40-45 minutes

Music: One song  (CD or MP3, Performance Tracks, lyrics and lead sheet included) 

Read the first 5 pages of Parallel Pilgrim Play 1620!

Read the first 5 pages of Parallel Pilgrim Play 2120!

Whether they are escaping religious persecution in 1620 on the famous ship, Mayflower, or in 2120 on the intergalactic spaceship, Mayflower II, the adventure is the same - fraught with fear and expectation and many things to learn.  These two short, parallel plays teach young children that a pilgrim is any traveler on a long journey, whether across an ocean or a galaxy. Students portray actual members of the crew and passengers of the colonial ship as well as the native Americans they met in the New World. The parallel of space travel with astronauts and aliens on the Mayflower II allows students to think beyond the history they know and into a future that awaits.  

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