The Secret Senses Scheme


A Science Puzzler
by January M. Akselrad

Target Grades: 2nd - 4th
Genre: Science, Problem-Solving
Cast: 20
Time: 40-45 minutes

Music: One song  (CD or MP3, Performance Tracks, lyrics and lead sheet included) 

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         Hearing? Smelling? Tasting? Touching? Seeing?  Which is the most important sense? This sure is a puzzler!  But ace detective, Ricky Diamond, is on the case!  Using her smarts and some help from Professor Klugenhelfen, the 1940’s gumshoe figures out what is making everyone act so strangely and what is our most important sense. In the spirit of Raymond Chandler and Sam Spade, comes a sassy, daring and clever protagonist in a story full of colorful characters for students to portray.

Sometimes A Mystery


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