Freaks & Greeks

A Mythological Morality Comedy
by January M. Akselrad


Target Grades: 5th and 6th
Genre: Reading, History (Ancient Civilizations/Greek Gods), Values
Cast: 50+ (non gender- specific roles)
Time: 60-70 minutes

Music: Three songs -two are sung separately and as a duet  (CD or MP3, Performance Tracks, lyrics and lead sheet included) 

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Something is amiss on Mt. Olympus and Zeus is so mad he’s throwing thunderbolts! Calling a meeting of all of the Greek gods, he demands to know why no one believes in them anymore.  To find out, the pantheon is commanded to go down to New York City, live among the humans and find out the answer. Trouble begins as Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest) gets lost in the green market, Aphrodite (Goddess of Beauty) gets picked up by a modeling agency and Ares (God of War) ends up playing laser tag in midtown…and that’s just three of them!  Mistaken identities and adventurous deities make for chaos, good fun and unforgettable learning about the Greek gods.  This mythological morality comedy also acts as a springboard for the discussion of personal and societal values.


God & Human Duet

What We Believe


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