The Bully and The Bystanders


An Anti-Bullying Play
by Jennifer Jo Young and January M. Akselrad

Target Grades: 4th - 5th
Genre: Reading, Anti-Bullying, Types of Bullying, "What To Do", Character Education
Cast: 17+
Time: 50-60 minutes 

Music: 3 Songs (CD or MP3, Performance Tracks, lyrics and lead sheets included)

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"I hate school!  I hate my life!" declares Jed Travis. It's another typical day and another typical bus ride to school for the 5th grader who is bullied by his classmates, particularly Zoey Webb. Could it get any worse? "It gets better," says a kind bus monitor who offers Jed a trip twenty-five years into the future where Jed discovers that things can turn out right. The 'future' Jed, who has a nice family and a good job, learns about the consequences that adult Zoey faces as a result of her bullying past and the power of second chances. When Jed returns to the present, Zoey time-travels back with him (to her past!) hoping for an opportunity to make things right. 
          Students learn types of bullying and how bystanders can make a difference by reaching out, speaking out or leaving to get help. Accompanying songs help students learn language to use in difficult situations and promote empathy and introspection.


It's Easy

Why Didn't Anyone

Speak Up, Reach Out


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