What You Get

Congratulations on choosing to integrate a Theater Unit into your curriculum!   With each step of the play process - reading, memorizing, rehearsing and performing - Dramaterials™ offer your students the opportunity to learn from the play content and to develop important skills like Language and Reading Fluency, Speaking Confidence, Memorization, Character Creation and Empathy, Taking Turns and Learning Patience, Building Self-Awareness, Pushing Through Fear, Public Speaking, Cooperation & Teamwork and Effective Listening. Dramaterials™ Theater Kits are a fun and ideal way to teach Common Core Standards in Reading, Speaking and Listening.  Students can read the plays aloud in the classroom as an oral exercise, perform the plays informally as Reader’s Theaters, or put on the play as a school assembly or performance for parents.  Our musicals and plays with catchy songs reinforce learning!  For friendly direction on how-to put on a play with your students, check out "Classroom Teacher As Theater Director" and grab a hold of Focus Ann as an "audience" management tool.  Now… on with the show!